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Golden Visa

At Costa Prime Properties we can assist you in obtaining a golden visa in the Costa Blanca, Spain, by offering comprehensive support throughout the entire process. Here’s how we can help:

Expert Guidance:

Costa Prime Properties can provide expert guidance on the various investment options available for obtaining a golden visa in Costa Blanca. They can help you choose the most suitable investment based on your preferences and financial situation.

Property Selection:

If you decide to invest in real estate as part of the golden visa program, Costa Prime Properties can assist you in finding and selecting properties that meet the program’s requirements. They have access to a wide range of properties in Costa Blanca and can help you find the perfect investment opportunity.

Legal Assistance:

Navigating the legal aspects of obtaining a golden visa can be complex. Costa Prime Properties can provide legal assistance throughout the application process, ensuring that all documentation is prepared correctly and submitted on time.


With their extensive network of contacts in the real estate and immigration sectors, Costa Prime Properties can facilitate connections with relevant professionals and authorities, streamlining the visa application process.

Post-Visa Support:

Once you’ve obtained your golden visa, Costa Prime Properties can continue to provide support, whether it’s helping you with relocation logistics, property management, or any other post-visa needs.

The benefits of obtaining a golden visa in Costa Blanca through Costa Prime Properties include:

Residency in Spain

A golden visa grants you and your family residency in Spain, allowing you to live, work, and study in the country.

Access to Schengen Area

With a residency permit from Spain, you can travel freely within the Schengen Area, which includes most of the European Union member states.

Investment Opportunities

Investing in real estate or other qualifying assets as part of the golden visa program can provide potential financial returns while also offering a pathway to residency.

Quality of Life

Costa Blanca is known for its beautiful Mediterranean coastline, excellent climate, and high quality of life. Obtaining a golden visa allows you to enjoy all that the region has to offer on a long-term basis.

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