Property purchase process Property purchase process

Property purchase process

The process of buying a property in Costa Blanca, Spain typically involves several key steps:

Initial conversation

We begin by identifying your preferences and budget for the property, and will give you advice on property types and locations based on your needs.

Property search and filter

Once we understand your requirements, we will carefully select the properties best suited to you, and a few suggested properties that we think you will like based on our conversation and understanding of your needs. If you are currently local we can meet in our office, and if you are away, we can do this electronically.
We recommend you evaluate each property carefully, considering factors such as location, amenities, condition, and price and relay your thoughts back to us so we can refine our search.

Property purchase process

Viewing Properties

Once we have a selection of properties, we will coordinate the viewings to suit your schedule. If you have a car we can meet at a certain location and follow us, or we can pick you up from your hotel or apartment.

If an in-person viewing is not possible, we offer a live virtual property viewing service in which we will schedule a date and time with you for a HQ videocall, to walk you through the entire property, urbanisation & surroundings, spending as much time as needed to clarify any doubts or questions you have, as we would if we were in person.


Once you’ve found a property you’re interested in, we can proceed to reserve the property, or present a formal counteroffer in order to negotiate the price or terms to the seller or their agent. This may involve discussions on price, payment terms, inclusions, and any necessary repairs or renovations.

Property purchase process

NIE and bank account

In order to buy a property in Costa Blanca Spain, you are not required to be a resident, but you will need a N.I.E document. Foreign Identification Number for tax purposes. We can help you obtain it and can also help you open a Spanish bank account

Legal Due Diligence

We conduct legal due diligence on the property to ensure that it has a clear title and there are no outstanding debts or legal issues associated with it before preparing the sales contracts.

Property purchase process

Reservation Deposit

Once the terms are agreed upon, you may be required to pay a reservation deposit to secure the property and take it off the market while you complete the purchase process.

Reservation and Sales Contract:

We will then proceed to prepare the official sales contract to be signed between all parties. This will include all the legal conditions and clauses protecting both parties, as well as all the agreed upon terms and timeframes.

Property purchase process

Completion and public notary signing

We will prepare all the necessary documentation, present and verify this beforehand with the notary ready for signing, as well as arrange the date and time to sign. We obviously accompany you on the day of signing providing you a full service, making the experience as stress free as possible.

Registration and Taxes

We will then assist you with the process of registering the property to your name, and help you with the process of paying the tax associated with the purchase.
At Costa Prime Properties we aim to make buying a property in Costa Blanca Spain as stress free and exciting as possible. We will assist you at every stage of the way.

Property purchase process

After sales

At Costa Prime Properties we aim to make buying a property in Costa Blanca Spain as stress free and exciting as possible. We will assist you at every stage of the way, and that includes the aftersales. We make sure any supply or communal bills are updated to reflect the new ownership, we are always available to clarify any further questions you may have, and can help you with any other plans you have for the property such as renovations, rental management etc.

If you haven’t already, get in touch and tell us how we can help you!

Property purchase process

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