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Home staging

What is home staging?

Home staging is the art of preparing a property for sale to appeal to the widest possible audience of potential buyers. This involves decluttering, depersonalizing, rearranging furniture, and adding strategic decor to enhance the property’s appeal.

First impressions

Studies show that potential buyers form an opinion about a property within the first 7-10 seconds of entering.
Home staging ensures that your property makes a positive and lasting impression from the moment buyers walk through the door.

Highlighting Key Features.

Through strategic placement of furniture and decor, home staging emphasizes the unique features and selling points of your property.
It helps buyers envision themselves living in the space and showcases its full potential.
How much does it cost?

Home staging

Maximizing Space and Functionality.

By decluttering and arranging furniture to optimize flow, home staging creates a sense of spaciousness and functionality.
This allows buyers to visualize how they can utilize each area effectively, making your property more desirable.

Professional Photography and Marketing

Staged homes photograph better and stand out in online listings and marketing materials.
Professional photos of staged properties attract more views and generate increased interest from potential buyers.

How long does it take to stage?

This will depend on the current state and size of the property, but it can generally take between 1-3 weeks.

Home staging

How much can I add in value to my property through home staging?

The value added to a property through home staging can vary depending on various factors such as the current condition of the property, the extent of staging needed, the local real estate market, and the quality of the staging itself. However, studies and real estate industry data consistently show that home staging can lead to a significant increase in the perceived value of a property, often resulting in higher sale prices and faster sales.

On average, staged homes tend to sell for 6-10% more than non-staged homes, and in some cases up to 20% additional sale value. Additionally, staged homes typically spend less time on the market, selling faster than their non-staged counterparts.

It’s important to note that while home staging requires an initial investment, the potential return on investment (ROI) can be substantial. Sellers can often recoup the cost of staging and more through higher sale prices and reduced time on the market.

Ultimately, the value added to your property with home staging will depend on the specific circumstances of your sale, but it’s generally recognized as a worthwhile investment for maximizing the sale price and overall appeal of your property.

Home staging

How much does it cost?

Each property is different, in size, current condition and potential of return of investment (ROI). For this reason, each property will be individually assessed and presented with a unique project and plan. As a rule of thumb for a price between 1.000€ - 5.000€ you should obtain satisfactory results.
Home staging should be considered an investment, you should get a higher price for your property in a faster time than if it hasn’t been staged.

How we can help.

Costa Prime Properties has many years of experience helping our clients sell their properties on the Costa Blanca. During this time, we have aligned ourselves with some of the most professional companies that specialize in home staging.
We will arrange an introduction meeting with the company that can deliver the best results for your property, where they will explain the procedure and examples of past projects and the end results. We can also manage and oversee the entire process for you if you can’t or don’t want to be part of the process.

For more information do not hesitate and get in touch!

Home staging

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