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The rise of bedroom rentals in Spain.

The rise of bedroom rentals in Spain.

The Shortage of Long-Term Rental Housing and the Rise of Room Rentals in Spain

In recent years, Spain has experienced a significant shortage of long-term rental housing, leading to a substantial increase in room rentals. This trend has transformed the real estate market and prompted the creation of new laws to regulate this type of lease.

Causes of the Shortage of Rental Housing

Growing demand, driven by urban population growth and labor mobility, has outpaced available supply. Additionally, many landlords prefer short-term rentals through platforms like Airbnb due to their higher profitability. Urban planning restrictions and the economic crisis have also hindered the construction of new housing, exacerbating the situation.

Rise of Room Rentals

Room rentals have become popular as an economical and accessible solution, especially for young people and students. They offer flexibility and foster co-living, creating an active social environment. This option allows tenants to share costs and better adapt to changes in their personal and professional circumstances.

Room Rental Law in Spain

Recent amendments to the Urban Leases Act (LAU) aim to regulate room rentals. It is recommended to formalize these leases with a written contract specifying the conditions, rights, and obligations. The law establishes that tenants have the right to peaceful use of common areas, and landlords must maintain facilities in good condition. Additionally, eviction procedures and conditions for terminating contracts are regulated.


The shortage of long-term rental housing in Spain has led to the rise of room rentals, an accessible and flexible option for many. Recent legislative amendments seek to balance the market and protect the rights of tenants and landlords, making room rentals a viable and growing solution.


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